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Directed by Michela Montrasio

Duration: 7’
Year of production:2000

The video stemmed from the desire to be able to reach the essential and the essence, as far as it is possible to represent them in concrete terms of imagery.
The need that gave life to the video was that of taking away, lifting, letting one speak to an open space, silence allows expression and gesture to return to the Emptiness and to the Absolute, where they came from.
In a period in which it is always necessary to fill our lives with pressing rhythms, I felt the need to release to the sounds and images in order to deplete their eco, until when the beneficiary is able to let oneself go in order to let them break through.

Directed by Michela Montrasio

Duration: 18’
Year of production: 1995

The video did not stem from a project, but sprang from something of an episodic nature, according to the needs of the unconscious which seemed to have determined, without prearrangement, its final aspect. The intuitions, the flashes of imagination and situations then acquired a layout and a connection, taking on a meaning that was not just casual.
The soul roused by an overwhelming desire for life, knowledge and freedom equates itself with the most harmonious situations and the other. Notwithstanding the many possible intimidations, the soul keeps its flame alight and continues to be part, beyond some limits, of the spirit of the cosmos.

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