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Premise - Existential Art


As far back as adolescence, I started to ask myself questions about my life, about my identity and to reflect on how, according to me, I was conditioned in such a way that it was difficult for my personality to come out. In fact reflecting much more deeply on my roots I had no idea who I was because I was so strongly conditioned.
These questions were a focal point of my thoughts and at a certain point, when I was about 30 years old, I discovered Jung. The reading of his work brought about a turning point in my life, which I consider really fundamental from a personal point of view, because it not only helped me to clarify certain issues, from an intellectual point of view and the process of individualization, but it also helped me to discover a vast world of symbols, from an holistic vision which involves everything and which links everything and every being to synchronicity. Whatever I did in the past in my research and artistic work came about out of necessity somewhat unconsciously, even with good intentions of trying to understand myself, now it seemed a much clearer path.
The oneiric material, the images become a fertile magma, with the powerful capacity of fertilizing the artistic terrain.
With greater awareness my artistic production then took on a sort of ritual in order to try to re-establish equilibrium, a nexus between myself and the world, the universe, that is to say a personal and total equilibrium.

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