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All the photos are resalized with traditional camera (Leica R4), with black and white and colour film, without any editing. All is in the photos was present in the shoot moment. The photos of the projects The dark syde and The liquid body are prented on baritata paper.


This project was born in 2015 and aims to capture and bring to light the ancestral and wild aspect of the human being, his deepest, most ancient Nature. As always all the photos were taken with the LEICA R4 camera using AGFA SCALA 200 film, SUPERPAN 200 Rollei. Everything visible in the photo was present at the time of shooting and is not the result of subsequent processing.

THE LIQUID BODY (2007-2010)

This project represents a further evolution of the previous photographic work “THE DARK SIDE”. The slow course of individualization presented as the arduous recognition of one’s shadow, whose integration puts creativity and energy into motion. It all seems that at this point it is possible to continue with fluidity which, on one hand results as being at peace with oneself, in living and expressing oneself totally, but on the other hand there is a sense of sharing with more energy from the individual and a more contained sense of it from himself.
Some photographs have been put on plywood so that one can relate to the surrounding space and the material element.
It is foreseen that the project will be put on display in an exhibition area and there will be a performance carried out relating to it.


This project puts together photographs taken during the last twelve years as regards the theme of shadow, focusing on the sense of the term interpreted by Jung. Shadow as a dark side, taken away, a place of rejected instincts: a dimension which one must confront oneself with and recognize and even to re-circulate energy which was used to curb these facets.

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