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performance/installation by Michela Montrasio

The peformance was presented for the first time at the Perfomedia Festival in Bergamo 2018, in St. Vigilio's Castle. First of all it is a magic-propitiatory action to advance towards new paths, above all to leave space to our authentic nature, without forgetting the path traveled.


In St. Stefano's Old Church, the installation incovers the mystery of life, its continuous cycle from death to re-birth and the pure essence of potentiality enclosed in a more tangible form of involucre in which life is revealed.


The installation was created in 2016 for the exhibition at the ancient church of Santo Stefano in Cesano Maderno. In the central nave there are three works on the subject of birth. At the entrance "Life circle", between the nave and the presbitery "Vital Flow" and in the apse "Gestazione".


In the apse there is the projection of a ultrasound of a baby above which the wire of a red ball oscillates from side to side


Ulteriore indagine sul tema della quadratura del cerchio; opera presentata al Castello Visconteo di Legnano e di Trezzo sull'Adda.


This work in 2008, represents another formulation as regards the theme of the squaring of the circle.
The installation is made up of five panels: the central round one cm. 90cms in diameter and the four angular ones 65 cms on the side


The work is made up of nine panels of which there are eight square ones (45 x 45 cm) and a round one diameter 90 cm). The installation has been created especially for the artistic exhibition “Percorsi“ held at Montegrosso (AT) in 1995, in particular for the external wall of the castle in the central square of the town .
The work is based on research on the theme “the squaring of the circle”, a bringing together of different dimensions of man and a symbol of the totality of the psyche, including the relationship between a human being and the totality of nature.
The work develops an archetypal image present in the unconscious, a response to the need of creating a reflective order in the “other” world.

Magic Circle (1996)
Video installation 

The installation was created for the artistic exhibition “Percorsi” held at Montegrosso (AT) in 1996, carried out in a courtyard of an old farm house.
“The magic circle” stems from a creative process based on the dreamlike image of a cow in a hole in the centre of the earth and on the finding of some roots, where the coming together of natural elements has produced a transformation which is almost zoomorphic.
The work expresses the quest in realizing an interior, universal and collective image. All the elements present in the work embody part of the building of a global and essential performance.
The installation focuses on the vital force in order to strenghten the link which allows man to embrace the primary nucleous of life.
The work is an invitation which allows us to assimilate from this magic circle in order to re-discover the tranquility of a lost dimension, where rationality is not important, because the notion that is important is to recognize what has always been.


MATERIAL SUPPLIED: roots of trees, video

MATERIAL TO BE SUPPLIED: a monitor 28 inch screen
a video-recorder
six balls of hay
ten bags of earth

INSTALLATION SPACE: it is preferable to have a natural space like a court yard; in any case even a gallery could be used (6 meters. * 6 meters.)

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