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Dance therapy is an activity based on movement and on dance itself; it is not a question of learning a specific technique, but a mode in which to free the body from its usual way of movement. In this way it allows one to discover and explore real forms of gesture and expressiveness which derive from the emotions and creativity of everyone.

Leaving the body free to move in a spontaneous way, according to one’s desires and one’s needs, allows one to set in motion a process of awareness, coming to terms with their needs, in order that one is able to understand oneself better and others too.

The activity is based on working on one’s sensations, an indispensable starting point in order to be able to arrive at a point, where one can feel one has come to terms with oneself and one’s own needs.
Dance therapy allows one to experience and explore new and unusual forms of movements which give one the opportunity to use one’s body in different modes, unlike those used in normal every day life and in traditional sporting activity. The experimentation of new forms of movement is a privileged channel, in that one can discover unexplored and unexpressed parts of oneself.

The activity proposed are really varied and are carried out under guidance and stimulation by the trainer using different types of images, music and sometimes objects of various kinds, depending on the kind of experience which one is having.

The meetings finish with a shared circle, in which everyone, if he so desires, can involve the group in his experience.

It is not necessary to have prior experience in dance in order to do dance therapy; it is aimed at everyone, because everyone, according to one’s possibilities and one’s limits, has inside resources of creativity which are just waiting to be let out.

The possibility of expressing oneself in an environment free of judgment, allows one to let to get rid of what they are holding inside, thus avoiding trauma in the body. Getting rid of the accumulated stress and tensions is a way to get back one’s energy and to make it flow in a creative way; which is particularly effective for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and in general psychosomatic symptoms. Even those who have physical limitations of different kinds can find this activity, a way to feel more able to express themselves in a bodily way, notwithstanding their own limits.
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